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Tips and Advice for Hiring a Last Minute Moving Company in New York

No one wants to move at the last minute, but sometimes it becomes necessary. When it the last minute move is necessary, carefully research moving companies in New York City, so that you can find the right company to work with you and make your move as seamless as possible. These skilled movers are used to working with individuals who need to get from one house to another, without much time to do so.

Call Multiple Companies
Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first company to pick up the phone, simply because you’re in a hurry and they are available. Instead, remember that New York is a big city Take the time to call multiple local moving companies until you’ve found the one that offers the services that you need at around the price you’re looking for. Once you’ve settled on one to two moving companies, ask them to come to your home and provide you with an estimate.

Ask for a Written Estimate
When the moving companies arrive, walk through your entire home with them. They’ll need to see each area of your home, including your storage areas and your closets so that they know all of the areas that they’ll be helping you move. Ask each company to provide you with a written estimate for moving your belongings. You may want to ask them for one price for moving your belongings if you pack them, and another price for packing and moving your belongings so that you’ll have two clear ideas for what the entire move may cost you to complete from one end to the other.

Find Out When Your Items will Be Arriving
Often, when you’re working with a moving company, they’re moving multiple families at one time. This means that they’ll pick up your items, then another family, then another’s, etc., until their tractor trailer is full. This means that your items may be in storage for several days, and you may have to live without them for several days after arriving at your new home. If you’re not prepared for this, it can be quite overwhelming. So, be prepared to bring a few simple things along you to your new home, so that you can settle in if your basic belongings are in storage for a week or so.

Measure Carefully
Before you attempt to move anything from one home to another, make sure you measure doorways, stairwells, and room dimensions carefully. Often, movers won’t disassemble furniture or take railings off in order to get furniture in for you, so it’s important that everything that you’re attempting to move into your new home fits correctly on its own, or that you’re willing (and prepared) to take it apart on your own before moving it in. Having the correct measurements and tools will make the moving process go more quickly and more smoothly.

Using the last minute moving company in New York doesn’t have to be stressful if you do a little bit of preparation in advance, measure carefully, and get all of your quotes in writing.