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Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense which carries heavy penalties and in many states could lead to imprisonment and suspension of your driving license is a given. If you’re arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) you need to hire the services of an experienced DUI lawyer to represent you in a court of law. A DUI conviction may have a dramatic impact on your life affecting not only your ability to drive but can also result in losing your job not to mention having a criminal conviction. Here are few reasons why you need a DUI Lawyer

Presumption of innocence till proven guilty

Even though you could be guilty, the law views you as innocent until it is proven beyond doubt before a judge that you are guilty of the offense. An experienced DUI attorney is in a position to evaluate the gravity of the charge against you and give an appropriate decision on how to proceed.

Proper procedure of arrest and prosecution

One of the first steps in your DUI arrest is to make sure that the police met the required criminal procedures in making the arrest. When you hire the services of a good DUI attorney, he/ she will be able to determine whether the arresting officer lawfully arrested and tested you before charging you. In case you were not treated properly, or if your rights were trampled on, he/ she would be able to prove before a court of law whether you have a case to answer or not?  Here is a video explaining how to handle an arrest.

Ensure minimal damage

Drinking and driving not only results in a suspension of your driving license but you can also face serious jail time plus a large monetary fine. But, with a good DUI lawyer, he/ she will be able to assess how they can assist in minimizing the kind of damage that the charge before you can have on you and that of your family.

Defend You in Court

An experienced DUI Attorney will request the evidence for you, review it, and make sure that the police have followed the right procedures in making the arrest and have preserved the evidence properly. In reviewing your case, a competent DUI lawyer will make sure that the police followed the proper procedures and if they failed, they could assert that as a defense to protect your rights. Even if you provided a breath test that was high, that does not mean that it is admissible against you in criminal court. An experienced lawyer will review the facts and evidence against you and argue for the best possible resolution of your case for you. Breath tests must be performed within a certain time frame and if not, then they are inadmissible against you.