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How to Give Up a Baby for Adoption

If you are a mum-to-be and you feel like you won’t be able to take good care of your baby then you might want to consider giving them up for adoption. Putting a child up for adoption is a good option if you are a single mother, don’t want a child, or have issues (whether they are financial, health, or something else entirely) that mean that you wouldn’t be able to give the child the kind of care and attention that they need.

If you are pregnant and are planning on giving up your child for adoption, it’s a good idea to talk to an adoption agency as early as possible so that they can start the task of finding a suitable adoptive family for you. This can take a while, because even though there are long waiting lists of families that do want to adopt, they need to make sure that the family that adopts is one that suits you as a parent as well. You will have the opportunity to talk to a lot of families by email, and through mediated phone calls. When you narrow down the list to a couple of families that seem to meet your personal goals, you will then have the chance to meet them at your hospital, or at a neutral location in your home town, to talk to them in more depth.

It is important that you find a family that you feel you can trust, and that you are comfortable with. They should share similar goals to you – wanting to have the same level of contact as your child grows up, and being a family that will raise your children in a way you are comfortable with.

The adoption agency will talk to you at length to make sure that you are really comfortable with giving up your child, and they will support you as you think about whether that really is the best decision. They will also talk to you to make sure that you understand the process. All adoptive families are carefully vetted to make sure that they are suitable to be adoptive parents. They have a stable income, their homes are safe, and the parents are people that are considered trustworthy, and that definitely want to bring a child into their lives.

You will be able to discuss your plans for a hospital stay, and decide what the experience will be like. You will usually need to stay in hospital for 48-72 hours after giving birth before you can consent to the adoption. At any point along the way you can change your mind, but most people do not do this, they have already gotten to know the family, and they have a good relationship with them, so this is just a formality. When the paperwork is done your child will go to start a life with their adoptive parents, and you can stay in touch as much or as little as you like.